LA Traffic and The Five Minute Rule

LA traffic... Every day, all the time.

Well, today I heard about the five minute rule and it's a game changer for me!

Basically, when anything bad happens, you're allowed to be upset for five minutes. You can yell, scream, throw something against the wall - just do whatever you need to do to get out your frustration. But set a timer for five minutes, and once it goes off, that's it. You can't be mad anymore. The reason is, it won't change anything.

Waiting in traffic is the perfect time to practice this rule. Instead of being frustrated, I see it as an opportunity to sing along to some great songs in the car!

What about you? Have your heard of the five minute rule or some variation of it? If so, is it something you already practice?

​If you haven't heard of it, do you think it's something you'd implement into your own life? Let me know in the comments below.