About ING

About ING Limited Edition Artisan Sunglasses

The ING sunglasses collection is an intuitive fusion of organic and modern elements with artisan craftsmanship.

Our sunglasses are first manufactured overseas with the highest quality standards. Then shipped to Los Angeles, California, where they’re meticulously hand-embellished with natural gemstones and tarnish-resistant wire.*

Our entire process takes time and expertise. Our materials, uniquely luxurious aesthetic, and innovative use of natural gemstones set ING sunglasses apart from all others in the marketplace today.

*Tarnish-resistant, however, does not mean the metal will never tarnish. A metal’s surface will naturally tarnish over time with age and exposure to oxygen, carbon, and sulfates in the environment. This tarnishing process should be embraced and appreciated like a fine wine. With its warm hue and rustic appeal, tarnished metal can be glamorous without being ostentatious.