About Us

extraordinary goods for extraordinary people

We are a small, Los Angeles based company with a passion for crafting extraordinary products that bring joy and inspiration to people's lives.

We believe that magic is all around us and every day is a gift and cause for celebration. By surrounding ourselves with thoughtful items that spark happiness and curiosity, we help make the world a more beautiful place by naturally exuding those feelings of joy, happiness, and gratitude around others.

LISA ING was conceived as a handmade jewelry line in 2014 in Southern California and has since evolved far beyond jewelry to include artisan eyewear, crystal water bottles, footwear, apparel, and home goods.

Our diverse collection of products are an elegant balance of aesthetics and comfort. Pieces are thoughtfully designed with both beauty and practicality in mind.  

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About Lisa

Growing up in LA, founder and Creative Director Lisa Ing developed a lifelong love affair with art, nature, and philosophy. 
Endlessly curious, largely self-taught, and perpetually driven to create, Lisa revels in all the vast possibilities that exist in forms, colors, patterns, and textures. All inspire her imagination and compel her to manifest beauty into our everyday lives.
Lisa’s commitment to quality and craftsmanship shines through in her ever-evolving jewelry line. She still hand-makes all her jewelry with love and intention in her LA design studio. Her distinct style and meticulous hand wire-wrapping work bestow a unique character and captivating quality that’s indicative of hand-made artisan jewelry that cannot be replicated in mass-market production.
The use of high-quality metals and genuine gemstones, the exquisite attention to detail, and the information Lisa provides to the consumer on the benefits of these beautiful natural elements opens the mind and encourages additional self-reflection and holistic understanding.
“I am profoundly in love with life and all its many facets. Through my art and my work, I hope to arouse excitement and wonder and inspire others to explore the magic nestled within our everyday lives.”
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