wu is the life spirit that is imbued into an endeavor, idea, or creation

the attention to intention, obsession to detail, quality, and control over one's vision being realized

wu is

★ a conscious force, energy, and intention

★ the energy expelled into the goods created by the designer

★ the level of quality and class of the goods

★ a guide and grading system of the products offered here by LISA ING


ROY products are fulfilled by various third party companies, allowing us to deliver a Wu experience to a wider spectrum of audiences.

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G products are a collaborative effort with third party makers. Original artwork is licensed out to manufacturers and undergo further curation and development in-house to ensure a Wuuer experience.

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BIV products are imbued with spirit and energy as they are hand made to order in-house. Special technique, tradecraft, and discernment are needed to ensure the Wuuuest experience.

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